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About Von Grüning


100% Quality



Von Grüning is a Toronto based accessory brand that was established in 2012 by Diana Von Grüning (left). Today, the design house focuses on the artistic use of re-purposed and restored leathers for hand crafted designer accessories.  

Every single Von Grüning piece is hand crafted in Toronto, Canada. All of our work has been developed using the highest quality genuine leathers to produce a durable, versatile piece that suites the needs of women everywhere.

Von Grüning has been featured Nationally on CTV’s Marilyn Denis show in 2014 and since, has been recognized across Canada through participation with the Toronto Fashion Incubator as well as with Toronto Fashion Week and collaboration with up-and-coming designers.

Corporate Social Responsibility 


As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, the majority of leathers used to produce Von Grüning handbags are sustainable sourced as scrap from upholstery companies. The leathers are then restored and carefully hand crafted into the products you see today. This process significantly helps reduce the amount of usefull leather going into landfills. Because of our sourcing method, our quantities are exclusive, not mass-produced and our designs are well thought out. The leather that can’t be used by Von Grüning is donated to those learning to sew with leather to keep it our of landfills and ultimately, in hopes of generating interest in the slowly dying art.

Our History


Founded in 2012

Von Gruning was initially established in 2012 as a ready-to-wear clothing label. In 2016 the brand was discontinued as an apparel company and changed its focus entirely to develop as a leather accessories company. Creating accessories rather than clothing allowed for a greater impact when using scrap leathers to reduce useful leathers going into landfills.

Proudly Based In Toronto

Von Grüning received generous support early-on from CTV’s Marilyn Denis Show, as well as Holt Renfrew, The Toronto Fashion Incubator, George Brown College, Ryerson University and Toronto Fashion Week.

Looking Forward

Upon completing her education at Toronto’s George Brown College for Fashion Techniques and Design, founder and creative director, Diana Von Grüning continues to develop the Toronto-based label with anticipation of expanding internationally in the near future.